Mahogany Coconut Body Mist



This super yummy scent is one of our favorites! The Mahogany Coconut body mist is an everyday scent. This mist has notes of mahogany woods, creamy coconut, and citrus. If you are a lover of mahogany and coconut, this one is for you. 


HOW TO USE: Using a lightly concentrated formulation, this body spray is ideal for an all-over spray fragrance application. Apply to your wrists, your neck, and even your entire body to refresh no matter where you are. For a more personalized signature scent, use our Mahogany Coconut Body Butter as a moisturizer.



• Body mist spray with notes of coconut + mahogany

• Fragrance at any time, whether at home or on-the-go

• Can be applied daily

• Contains fragrance oils


PAIRS WELL WITH: Mahogany Coconut Body Butter and Mahogany Coconut Body Oil